Digitise Your Slides, Tapes & Films…Avoid “Lost Memories” Disaster

Did you live in the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s or 90’s?
Did you shoot film or photographs of your family, holidays or special events?

We now live in a world run by technology that can leave our captured memories behind if not restored and saved properly. Technology has advanced significantly over time and has created a barrier between today’s technology usage with what was used all those years ago.

The ‘disaster’ happening in our reels, slides and films/VHS tapes that are in our drawers and cupboards will be lost forever if they are not converted to obligated files.

Unfortunately, today it can be very difficult to get your hands on the correct hardware (projector, tape player, slide machine) to be able to view these memories. Even locating power cords and ‘bits and bobs’ to run these old machines can be a big stress.

Family and personal memories play a vital role in reliving and sharing our history.  Memories captured grant us the opportunity to leave a part of our legacy behind for future generations to come. Digitalising will allow these memories to come to life and be put online rather than become part of a lost memories’ ‘disaster’.

We all have those memories on slides, reels, or VHS tape that we long to keep onto but due to technology advances, experiencing these old memories isn’t as easy as it used to be. Fortunately, at Stellar Tech we have the resources available to make sure these memories stay in good tact and have a place in our new digital media era. (Especially online within the social channel spectrum).

Why not bring your memories?  … Convert them to a Digital File.

Spring is here and many of us are well ahead of our spring cleaning for the year. Time to declutter our homes to clear our minds. Although, decluttering can be difficult when you get to the years of memories that are piled up in boxes that haven’t been opened for years.

Chunky tapes and reels can take up a lot of space in our home and are most likely collecting more dust than usage.

Here at Stellar Tech, we provide the service of converting your photos, reels, slides, and films/VHS to digital files.

Fortunately, converting to digital means easier access to memories and the opportunity to share with loved ones.


  • PHOTOS: Up to 8″x10″, Colour or B&W
  • NEGATIVES: 35mm Strips, Colour or B&W
  • SLIDES: 2″ Mounted, Colour or B&W
  • FILM REELS: Regular 8, Super 8 or 16mm films
  • VIDEO TAPES: VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Video8/Hi8, MiniDV, microMV

Photos, Slides and Negatives are scanned, colour corrected and converted to high-res JPG images files – perfect for archives, sharing and printing.

Film Reels are scanned to a modern HD 1080p MP4 video file format – easy for you to edit, share, watch and preserve your family memories.

Convert your old VHS, VCR & camcorder video tapes to digital MP4 files on USB or hard drive. Professionally edited and re-mastered for clean playback and enhancing your special memories.

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  • Digital Conversion of OLD & VINTAGE PHOTOS
  • Digital Conversion of PHOTO NEGATIVES
  • Digital Conversion of 2″ INCH SLIDES
  • Digital Conversion of FILM REELS
  • igital Conversion of VIDEO TAPES

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