Video made the Internet Star

Video made the Internet Star

August 24, 2021 How-Tos and Tips, Online Marketing, Social Channels, Trends

It was 1980 when “Video Killed the Radio Star” hit the airwaves and while radio hasn’t died, our love for video has only grown with advances in technology. So, it really shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone when Instagram, also owned by Facebook, recently announced it would shift its focus from photos and lean […]

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The Cloud

March 26, 2014 Trends

Cloudy but Excellent… It’s a busy connected world we live in…  work, family, sport and leisure all demand our time and connectivity and we constantly strive to keep on top of it all. Many businesses (and families) struggle to manage their people and resources who are in and out of the office (or home) and […]

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6 Things People Look For In Your Website Before They Buy

October 30, 2013 Online Marketing, Trends

WOMEN are more skeptical than men when it comes to shopping online and look for key signs before they trust a website with their credit card details. The trend on attitudes to e-commerce is female shoppers prefer a personal touch before they will trust a site over testimonials from other users.  (However referrals from friends – especially […]

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Facebook Announces ‘Story Bumping,’ And Other Small Changes To News Feed Algorithm

August 9, 2013 Social Channels, Trends

Facebook’s News Feed algorithm is a living, breathing organism. It’s constantly changing, and Facebook noted in a media session Tuesday that the company wants to get better about informing users about changes. Facebook announced a couple small changes to the way that the site decides order in News Feed: Story Bumping, which allows engaging posts […]

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Online Video Rocks

August 2, 2013 Online Marketing, Social Channels, Trends

If you’re not already using video content, now is the time to embrace it. The evidence for adding video to your content strategy is compelling. This is a core medium for the younger demographics and is also driving internet traffic and search engine results.  That aside – it is rich and engaging content that helps […]

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Get With The Times or Die – Cloud and the NBN

August 1, 2013 Trends

If you don’t start integrating cloud solutions and mobile working conditions, your business won’t last. It’s a grim message – but that’s the reality… Business leaders who don’t believe they need to adapt to the new world of work will soon find they simply can’t compete with those who are – especially when the NBN […]

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Social Media Statistics Australia

July 22, 2013 Social Channels, Trends

Compared to April’s stats where we saw a decrease in the number of users on Facebook, LinkedIn, WordPress & Tumblr users, May’s stats shows these social network’s are fighting back with users numbers back on the rise. Find out more below. Here are the results you have been waiting all month for: Facebook – 11,534,540 […]

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The Importance of ‘Responsive Design’

August 30, 2012 Online Marketing, Trends

Marketers and technologists are buzzing about the field of responsive design because it promises to solve a critical problem: creating engaging content for a proliferating number of devices that, they can love so much and share, but can responsive design deliver on such a tall order? In essence, the responsive-design methodology makes certain all channels […]

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