10 Working Ways Of Engaging Your Online Audience

Writing for the web is tough. Here are 10 web writing guidelines that will keep your audience engaged. They teach you how to go past your audience’s distraction and make your story stand out.

1. Keep it short

Most people on the web scan your page. They don’t read it. Usability expert Steve Krug says that you should write your web copy and then cut it in half. Once you’re done cutting it in half, cut it in half again.

Get to the point because every 100 extra words only get 4.4 seconds of attention. So make those words count!

2. Keywords go at the beginning of your headline

Your keyword should be the thing people came to read about. Make sure people can spot it quickly so they’ll stay on the page. This is a common mistake bloggers make.

3. Break information into sections

You’re not writing a thesis or a literary novel. Break things up into sections to make them easier to digest. Break up long paragraphs; keep them to just a few sentences each.

4. Write sub-headlines that are direct

People scan your content. Use direct sub-headlines to grab your audience’s attention, at a glance.

5. Use relevant facts & figures

Quick facts are easy to digest and share with others. They add a level of engagement to your content and give the audience something to remember. It is a fact that people read 25% slower on a screen compared to print.

Let your content attract readership and engagement

6. Break up content with visuals

A visual can convey a lot more than just words. Use them to clarify points and break up blocks of content.

7. Use lists

  • Lists are easy to scan and digest
  • Lists give order to the content
  • Bulleted lists are easier to read than comma separated lists
  • Lists call out important details

8. Get to the point

Think inverted pyramid. Hook your audience in the first paragraph by telling them what the page is about.

9. Lose the jargon

Use terms that your customers and prospects will know. Strange or long words confuse people. and cause rapid attention loss.

10. Link to your other content

The web thrives on links; assist your audience to discover new information by using links.

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