Video made the Internet Star

It was 1980 when “Video Killed the Radio Star” hit the airwaves and while radio hasn’t died, our love for video has only grown with advances in technology. So, it really shouldn’t have been a shock to anyone when Instagram, also owned by Facebook, recently announced it would shift its focus from photos and lean into video.

The presence of video is not a new concept by any means, businesses have been using it as an effective marketing tool for decades. Starting with the humble – but expensive – tv advertising. However, it was made more accessible about 15 years ago, when YouTube entered our lives. It’s now estimated 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, footage watched by more than 2 billion people.

But other social media platforms were wanting in on this. TikTok made its debut in 2016 and has already passed the 1 billion viewer mark. It was clear this wasn’t going unnoticed by Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, which realised they needed to do more than just have video posting capability. We saw more and more options become available – think videos on Facebook covers and dancing rabbit filters (if you haven’t tried one of these, you’ve just got to – nobody can have a bad day after doing this).

Then in June the head of Instagram Adam Mosseri announced the platform would further embrace video and we have seen the results in our algorithms. Instagram had already opened up video experiences in the form of Reels, IGTV and with Stories, but this was the big, formal announcement that had people panicked. But we are here to tell you, keep calm and carry on. Incorporating video doesn’t need to be intimidating or hard, in fact, it may just be the channel to elevate your business to a new level and expose it to more customers.

Creating video content has come a long way since the days of carting around a camcorder only to get somewhere and realise you hadn’t charged the battery. Now the average phone camera is sophisticated enough to produce a quality video for a business for those looking to DIY.

Top tips

  • On your phone visit settings and go into the camera section. Most phones will allow you to upgrade the sound and video quality for higher resolution videos.
  • There are plenty of free apps (eg iMovie or Canva) to create a basic video using multiple pieces of footage.
  • Consider where the footage will be used and what requirements each platform has for video length and size.
  • Copyright laws apply to background music – it is a common misconception that if you credit the music you can use it, so do your research or use in-app music options.

For businesses looking to invest in a videography service, this will allow you to explore options such as panning, drone imagery, and even include interviews so your customers can get to know staff or for satisfied clients to provide a testimony. A videography service can provide a suite of footage specifically edited and designed to get maximum mileage from a filming session, allowing it to be used across several marketing platforms, such as on a website and for social media, including posts, stories, ads and covers.

There are several things to consider before approaching a videographer or video editor:

  • What audio do you want, such as music or voiceovers or both?
  • Is there a script or do you need help with this?
  • Will there be graphics (eg logo, photos) or text to include?
  • Who and what will be in the footage (eg staff, customers, products)
  • Where will filming take place and will weather have an impact?
  • Is a combination of video and still visuals required?
  • What platforms will the content be used and what lengths and formats are required for these?

Stellar Digital provides a comprehensive videography and video editing service, creating professional content to market and represent your brand across a range of digital platforms. From creating an online course through to digital marketing videos, we have a team who can help with the whole package, from bringing the initial concept to life through to an editing-only service transforming supplied video into professional and correct formats for any digital space.

Stellar Digital accepts no responsibility for “Video Killed the Radio Star” being stuck in an individual’s head.

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