Problems with Mozilla Firefox and PDFs


Problems with reading PDF documents using Firefox

Have you seen the ‘problem’ alert that appears when viewing large or complex PDF documents within Firefox?
Well if you have, you are not alone.  Firefox is a little buggy with it’s inbuilt PDF Viewer..



When viewing PDF files using Mozilla Firefox, a bar may appear across the top of the browser stating “This PDF might not be displayed correctly.” This happens because Firefox has created their own default PDF viewer, and not all the bugs have been worked out.
There is nothing wrong with the PDF document!  Check the same link and document in Chrome or IE.


There is no harm in doing nothing – however, if you want to stop this error message from occurring, you can switch back and redefine the default action for displaying PDFs. In Firefox, go to Tools>Options>Applications and scroll down to Portable Document Format (PDF), from there choose to Use Adobe Acrobat in Firefox. Your PDF will now open using the Adobe Acrobat plug-in.

Click here to read the article at the Support Forum at Mozilla.


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