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Foursquare is a great social media platform for tourism. This is been said repeatedly, and we will say it again. Foursquare is a great social media platform for tourism businesses.  This post discusses what Foursquare is and how a tourism business can use it in their social media-marketing plan.

Have you acted on this option within your social media plan?

When you are thinking about simplifying your social media plan and focusing on a well-run social media strategy, think of Foursquare. It is easier to manage, can act as an unbiased and real time customer review site and provide some great insight into your business as guests leave tips on your Foursquare profile page.

Benefits of Foursquare for your tourism business

The benefits outweigh the work when it comes to Foursquare. Facebook, Twitter and other social networks can be overwhelming and if not planned a lot of work. Most of that work is reading what other people of doing, which is not a bad thing but can whittle away at your time before you realise it. Foursquare is a quick in and out and manageable easily on your smartphone.

  • · Find out what people/guest really think about your business. The real time tips let you see if and what people are talking about your business. Tips are not just for positive reviews, tips can be good and bad reviews. You want to know both!
  • · Engage with new clients and guests on Foursquare. This engagement does not require immediate replies.
  • · Increase your walk in traffic when Foursquare lists you. This can be as simple as becoming part of the list, without a special as it works like a map as well as a review site. If people are looking for a last minute hotel in a particular location or an alternative restaurant, Foursquare is the go to place for this information.
  • · Search engines index Foursquare; so, use your keywords when creating your profile
  • · It is time for a strategic mobile strategy. If you have been reading internet resources, you will know that a mobile strategy is all the rage in the marketing sphere. Who has time? Foursquare will be your mobile strategy as you catch up on your social media strategies.
  • · Build customer and guest trust through Foursquare and get them to other social media platforms. Lead Generation is what we call this and Foursquare is great for this. Maintaining customer interest is also a use for Foursquare once you are established. Just decide what you want foursquare to do for your tourism business

New Foursquare features

As DMO’s and destinations become more active on Foursquare, the Foursquare developers are adding new features. Two new features added in late 2011 are pages and lists, features that businesses and DMO’s can use to build mini- travel guides in their city.

Pages are for businesses, brands, organisations, or publications. Businesses that are not location specific or do not require walk-in traffic can now create their own Page, gain followers, share Tips, check in, and reach their fans.

Here are the features of the new Foursquare pages:

  • · Reach the complete foursquare community with your Tips and check-ins (and push the check-ins to both Facebook Pages and Twitter).
  • · Entire teams of people can manage the same Page. With the new pages tool, you can make multiple people Page ‘managers,’ so that they can all contribute. It’s perfect for big organisations.
  • · From the web or your mobile phone, you can upload photos to your Tips and check-ins. It’s great for making them really shine for all of your followers.
  • · And, when your page is complete and you’ve added a few Tips, you’ll be featured in the Foursquare Page Gallery.

Lists are a little more in-depth and require a good read on the Foursquare Developers page. Creating and sharing lists is an interactive function that is wonderful if you are tourism business that wants to share resources with your guests. Click here to read all the features and explanations of the new Foursquare lists.

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