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Depositing Your Fans into Your Bank Account

July 12, 2013 ROI, Social Channels

Social media isn’t about getting as many fans and likes as you possibly can.  If it was as easy as depositing your fans into your bank account then we would all be very rich very quickly. If your social media strategy is about sales, then the trick is to translate ‘likes’ into sales. If you […]

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12 Tips to Get Real Results on the Social Networks, Not Just Likes, Clicks & Followers

November 19, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

Hopefully most businesses are well on their way to setting goals and objectives for 2013 and beyond. Chances are you are working on a plan that has a social media component to it. Do these questions sound familiar? How can I get more Facebook likes? How can I get more Facebook fans? How can I […]

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Marketing with Foursquare – the geolocation social media

October 11, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Social Channels

Foursquare is a great social media platform for tourism. This is been said repeatedly, and we will say it again. Foursquare is a great social media platform for tourism businesses.  This post discusses what Foursquare is and how a tourism business can use it in their social media-marketing plan. Have you acted on this option […]

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7 ways to improve readability and make your content engaging

October 10, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

Content with poor readability scores (the ease for prospects to read the words in your message) stands between you and content marketing success. With so many competing messages available just a click away, our print and online messages must be as easy to read as possible. Readability is not only for formal publications like annual […]

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25 Essential Facebook Marketing Tips For Small Businesses

September 26, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Social Channels

As a small business owner, you ask questions about Facebook, as you try to figure out how well you can harness the power of the platform. I feel your pain since Facebook pages are ever dynamic, and for a small outfit without the time to update your page, this is a tricky thing to stay […]

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How to use Pinterest to enhance your brand online

September 14, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

One of the main issues your company faces when trying to tame the Pinterest monster is that your company isn’t particularly ‘artistic’ or glamorous. How can a towing equipment business create content that is appealingly appropriate for the likes of Pinterest? Well it’s not as difficult as you would think. Not all of the pictures […]

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Why and How You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management

September 10, 2012 Social Channels

A small business owner in 2005 would see no need for a position of Social Media Director, but it’s 2012 . To get a break from being responsible for everything on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+  and the rest that wants you to grow more hands and heads, you might just consider outsourcing the position. You must be […]

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How Small Businesses Can Change Facebook Failures Into Successes

September 1, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Social Channels

Why is the average small business finding it so hard to realise the potential of social channels, like Facebook? The question here is whether the continued changes being made by Facebook, will harm smaller businesses that use it in a cost effective way to promote their business. Social media promises so much, the numbers online […]

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The Importance of ‘Responsive Design’

August 30, 2012 Online Marketing, Trends

Marketers and technologists are buzzing about the field of responsive design because it promises to solve a critical problem: creating engaging content for a proliferating number of devices that, they can love so much and share, but can responsive design deliver on such a tall order? In essence, the responsive-design methodology makes certain all channels […]

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Title Tags in Content Marketing

March 20, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Search Engine Stuff

Dot the Is & Cross the Ts Title tags are the nuclear warheads of content marketing. While they contain only a very small mass — roughly 65 characters — they pack an unbelievable punch. Because of title tags’ enormous impact on SEO, social sharing and conversion, content marketers should know how they work, and how […]

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