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12 Tips to Get Real Results on the Social Networks, Not Just Likes, Clicks & Followers

November 19, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

Hopefully most businesses are well on their way to setting goals and objectives for 2013 and beyond. Chances are you are working on a plan that has a social media component to it. Do these questions sound familiar? How can I get more Facebook likes? How can I get more Facebook fans? How can I […]

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Critical Facebook Rules That All Page Admins Must Follow

November 19, 2012 Online Marketing

Did you hear about Velvet Burger? They are one of the most recent companies to have their Facebook page deleted for breaking the rules. They waved ‘bye’ to almost 10,000 fans in the process. You can read their message to their customers below. You may have also heard Hell Pizza went the same way – […]

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The Secret To Increase Sales By More Than 45% With Landing Pages

October 26, 2012 Online Marketing

Website landing pages often look and feel like an arcade floor. Rather than enticing and directing someone who comes to your site, they confound them–meaning, of course, that visitors act by bolting for the exit by way of the back button. A landing page is a place where visitors end up after being enticed there […]

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7 ways to improve readability and make your content engaging

October 10, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

Content with poor readability scores (the ease for prospects to read the words in your message) stands between you and content marketing success. With so many competing messages available just a click away, our print and online messages must be as easy to read as possible. Readability is not only for formal publications like annual […]

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Why you must know how to properly use a good website

October 8, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

HAVING a website is good – but using it properly is better. A strong brand and compelling content will attract users, but business owners need to seize social media to promote their brand on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus accounts. It won’t deliver a top ranking but will push branding and direct people to […]

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How to use Pinterest to enhance your brand online

September 14, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

One of the main issues your company faces when trying to tame the Pinterest monster is that your company isn’t particularly ‘artistic’ or glamorous. How can a towing equipment business create content that is appealingly appropriate for the likes of Pinterest? Well it’s not as difficult as you would think. Not all of the pictures […]

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Why and How You Should Outsource Your Social Media Management

September 10, 2012 Social Channels

A small business owner in 2005 would see no need for a position of Social Media Director, but it’s 2012 . To get a break from being responsible for everything on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+  and the rest that wants you to grow more hands and heads, you might just consider outsourcing the position. You must be […]

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9 best practices for successful Facebook contests

September 3, 2012 Social Channels

Have you considered using a Facebook contest? These days, it seems like just about everyone is giving away something on Facebook. The common one is an iPad or $100 gift certificate. Below, you get 9 tips for scaling the heights of Facebook contents. Do Contests Really Work? Business owners who support the viability of contest […]

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How Small Businesses Can Change Facebook Failures Into Successes

September 1, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Social Channels

Why is the average small business finding it so hard to realise the potential of social channels, like Facebook? The question here is whether the continued changes being made by Facebook, will harm smaller businesses that use it in a cost effective way to promote their business. Social media promises so much, the numbers online […]

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