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Cloudy but Excellent…

It’s a busy connected world we live in…  work, family, sport and leisure all demand our time and connectivity and we constantly strive to keep on top of it all.

Many businesses (and families) struggle to manage their people and resources who are in and out of the office (or home) and working at various times of
the day and night…  How can it be easier?



In the advent of stronger, more affordable broadband in recent years (and where is the NBN?), the “Cloud” has evolved and for many businesses (and families) it’s also a breath of relieving fresh
air because it is helping them share, collaborate and secure in the simplest sense.

So what is the “Cloud”… well it’s merely just a term to describe how we are accessing and utilising services on the internet.  There is no actual place or service called “The Cloud”

However we say:

  • The file is shared in The Cloud.jess
  • My email is synchronising with The Cloud.
  • Our backup is stored in The Cloud.


It means we are using online services or Apps to store files, sync email and secure our backups – amongst other great things.


In the Real World – A Family (Business) Solution

The other day, we setup a small business with email and calendar on The Cloud for a husband and wife team.  Interestingly the wife does not work in the business, she has another
job and manages the kid’s school runs and extra-curriculum activities… equally they are very busy in life and confided they are often not in sync with what’s going on.  They wanted a
solution whereby all their devices (phone, iPad, Desktops) were constantly up-to-date with each other’s calendar.

Individually, they had their email account, share calendar and book times for each other’s calendar.  The solution has become the virtual picture calendar on the kitchen wall for this family
and they are finding it much easier to coordinate their lives.


Bullet-Proof Backups – An Achilles heel for Business


One of the biggest worries for many local business is the inadequate security of their data and files. The loss of these digital assets is a full disaster and
sometimes the death of the thriving business.  Even the loss of your main accounting file (through theft, failure or fire) is debilitating.

A major opportunity for businesses is that The Cloud gives easy, affordable, online remote backups.   Even Businesses that do backups to another onsite drive are finding sensibility and calm knowing that they have their digital assets secured offsite and “The Cloud”.


The Cloud has a silver lining – Assurance and peace of mind for families and businesses alike!                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

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