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3 Social SEO Tweaks Every Business Should Make

August 9, 2013 Online Marketing, Social Channels

SEO, Content and Social Media are so tightly wound together these days that business owners and marketers need to grab every little advantage they can to wring the most out of their efforts in each area. Most of the major social networks have created ways to help content producers enhance the sharing of their content […]

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Online Video Rocks

August 2, 2013 Online Marketing, Social Channels, Trends

If you’re not already using video content, now is the time to embrace it. The evidence for adding video to your content strategy is compelling. This is a core medium for the younger demographics and is also driving internet traffic and search engine results.  That aside – it is rich and engaging content that helps […]

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Critical Facebook Rules That All Page Admins Must Follow

November 19, 2012 Online Marketing

Did you hear about Velvet Burger? They are one of the most recent companies to have their Facebook page deleted for breaking the rules. They waved ‘bye’ to almost 10,000 fans in the process. You can read their message to their customers below. You may have also heard Hell Pizza went the same way – […]

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6 Metrics You Must Track For Effective Marketing

October 30, 2012 Online Marketing

Performance improvement expert H. James Harrington once said, “Measurement is the first step that leads to control and, eventually, to improvement.” For anyone trying to take their content marketing efforts to the next level, his words certainly ring true. For content marketers, metricsgive deep insights into how our content is performing. They tell us how […]

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The Secret To Increase Sales By More Than 45% With Landing Pages

October 26, 2012 Online Marketing

Website landing pages often look and feel like an arcade floor. Rather than enticing and directing someone who comes to your site, they confound them–meaning, of course, that visitors act by bolting for the exit by way of the back button. A landing page is a place where visitors end up after being enticed there […]

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Ways of getting effective video content for your marketing needs

October 10, 2012 Online Marketing

Integrating video into your marketing campaign isn’t as easy as simply creating a video and putting it up on YouTube. Creating a video that is effective, relevant, and successful can offer big rewards, but how do you integrate it successfully? Here, I’ll take you through the basics of video as a media type, discuss issues […]

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10 Working Ways Of Engaging Your Online Audience

September 1, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Online Marketing

Writing for the web is tough. Here are 10 web writing guidelines that will keep your audience engaged. They teach you how to go past your audience’s distraction and make your story stand out. 1. Keep it short Most people on the web scan your page. They don’t read it. Usability expert Steve Krug says […]

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The Importance of ‘Responsive Design’

August 30, 2012 Online Marketing, Trends

Marketers and technologists are buzzing about the field of responsive design because it promises to solve a critical problem: creating engaging content for a proliferating number of devices that, they can love so much and share, but can responsive design deliver on such a tall order? In essence, the responsive-design methodology makes certain all channels […]

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5 Online Marketing Essentials

March 20, 2012 Online Marketing

Online marketing refers to the ways a business can market, promote and advertise its products, services or brand online. Online marketing helps promote your business to a target audience through multiple online channels – utilising (and optimising) these channels effectively means a business can reach a relevant, targeted market efficiently with a solid return on […]

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