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How to use Pinterest to enhance your brand online

September 14, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

One of the main issues your company faces when trying to tame the Pinterest monster is that your company isn’t particularly ‘artistic’ or glamorous. How can a towing equipment business create content that is appealingly appropriate for the likes of Pinterest? Well it’s not as difficult as you would think. Not all of the pictures […]

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4 Must-Do Tips to Get The Best Company Website Design

September 5, 2012 How-Tos and Tips

Get the following 4 things right and understand why even though it’s easy these days to rely on Facebook Pages and Yelp listings to represent your company; every business must have its own website. Rushing into building a site without a plan can leave you with something that might not fit your long-term needs. Whether […]

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How Small Businesses Can Change Facebook Failures Into Successes

September 1, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Social Channels

Why is the average small business finding it so hard to realise the potential of social channels, like Facebook? The question here is whether the continued changes being made by Facebook, will harm smaller businesses that use it in a cost effective way to promote their business. Social media promises so much, the numbers online […]

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10 Working Ways Of Engaging Your Online Audience

September 1, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Online Marketing

Writing for the web is tough. Here are 10 web writing guidelines that will keep your audience engaged. They teach you how to go past your audience’s distraction and make your story stand out. 1. Keep it short Most people on the web scan your page. They don’t read it. Usability expert Steve Krug says […]

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How to grow your business with social network sites

August 29, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Social Channels

Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn are social networks offer gigantic user base, at least quite enough to create brand advocacy across the internet. Here are ways of using the social network services (SNS) to increase brand awareness and conversion of users into customers. If your businesses doesn’t realise the importance of social networks, or you often […]

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Twitter 101 – Tweeting Basics

April 17, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Social Channels

Here’s a fast track guide to getting along with Twitter and Tweeters!   Its a gentle guide for the emerging best practices. Why Use Twitter There are many reasons to use Twitter, but here are my top three. Branding. The more others refer to you or “retweet” what you tweet, the greater your reach. Extend your […]

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Title Tags in Content Marketing

March 20, 2012 How-Tos and Tips, Search Engine Stuff

Dot the Is & Cross the Ts Title tags are the nuclear warheads of content marketing. While they contain only a very small mass — roughly 65 characters — they pack an unbelievable punch. Because of title tags’ enormous impact on SEO, social sharing and conversion, content marketers should know how they work, and how […]

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